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We had an idea, the talent and a little spunk.

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Back in ‘95, our bodies were in flannel, but our brains were in suits. We assembled the best HR talent to help businesses grow back then, and we’re still at it today. With customized solutions as comfortable as your go-to-joggers, we continue to deliver what matters to our clients.

We’re Partners
In This Together

Whether it’s answering your call or teaming up to support a cause that’s important to you, we’re there for you every minute of every day—all 1,440 of them. Relentlessly accountable to deliver what matters to you and your business—we even keep score with our accountability scorecard. At EmPower HR, we go beyond great customer service.
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We Don’t Just Get IDEAs
We Live By Them

At EmPower HR, idea generation is what we do all day, every day. Ideas about best practices, about leadership, and about the importance of inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA). Our team is composed of experts from all walks of life, because we know that strength lies in bringing many voices to the table.

Glassdoor Reviews

"Co-workers are more like family, and always willing to help each other out. We put our hearts in our work, and truly care about each other, and our clients. Love the non-corporate treatment and feel. Not to mention free parking, lunches, snacks, flexible work schedules, and summer hours!"

"Wonderful place to work with a great culture and fabulous people. All employees truly live by our pillars and upload our cultural values. We have a enjoyable, warm, and inviting place to work that allows employees to grow and learn in their career paths"

Culture, Heart & Compassion

EmPower HR Is Awesome!

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