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Can We Tell Employees To Quarantine After Travel?

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COVID-19 has brought some unexpected developments in local, state and federal laws, especially around quarantine after travel. While there are some protocols to follow now, the appropriate approach for employers will vary depending on different factors such as the nature of their work, industries they operate in, location(s), company size and other unique factors.

Though there are arguments for and against advising employees to quarantine after travel, even if symptoms don’t exist — asking employees to stay at home after travel has become the new normal to flattening the curve and keeping the business’ workforce safe. Businesses can take appropriate measures based on how essential or critical their operations are, from temporarily suspending operations to utilizing the hybrid model on an individual basis.

If a motivated employee reports symptoms and enters the workplace, the employee should be sent home immediately. Sick employees should quarantine after their travel before coming into the workplace, and this should not be taken lightly, no matter how critical their role is.

Once quarantine after travel is complete, employees can return to the office, and you can do a temperature screening; however, many people infected with COVID-19 have no temperature and are asymptomatic or have other symptoms but no fever. Having other processes in your health and safety framework, such as testing or mask-wearing, will be essential to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.