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How HR Processes Helped A Recruiting Firm Reach New Heights

Hunt Club is a Chicago-based boutique recruiting firm that uses crowdsourcing technology to find companies with the best passive talent and reward people for making connections that lead to hires. Hunt Club came to Empower HR to navigate through their growth and streamline processes. They needed to establish efficient HR initiatives to save time and keep compliant.
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While Hunt Club specializes in staffing all-star teams for other companies, they lost sight of their own human resource practices. The owners were left trying to keep up with HR-specific questions and onboarding practices, instead of driving the company’s growth. As the company grew, it didn’t have the time to create and implement HR policies like its employee handbook, PTO tracking, benefits, payroll, and more. Hunt Club recognized that they needed help. Their HR processes lacked structure and efficiency; HR was taking up too much time.


At EmPower HR, we specialize in managing HR processes. For Hunt Club, we were able to create a consistent, scalable approach to the company’s growth. Our expert team guided the internal Hunt Club teams through implementing action plans to streamline their most important needs. To establish efficient processes, we:

New Employee Handbook

EmPower HR crafted a customized handbook for all Hunt Club employees. The new handbook included organizational policies making it consistent with all federal and local laws. Professionalizing the handbook was the first line of defense against all employment-related litigation.

PTO Tracking Automation

EmPower HR’s team of experts implemented an efficient PTO tracking system that fully automated the process, easing the burden on management to manually keep track of time. This allowed employees and management to control PTO with the click of a button.

Benefits Administration Guidance

EmPower HR gives Hunt Club peace of mind in all facets of benefits administration. Our team of benefits professionals continually ensures that they are in compliance as it relates to their benefit offerings. EmPower HR also delivers a seamless open enrollment process, taking the administrative burden off the employer’s plate and fulfilling each employee’s needs.

Resolved Employment Issues

EmPower HR assisted Hunt Club in the Unemployment Insurance claim process by providing consultations and walkthroughs with our in-house employment attorneys. We address issues as they arise, reducing any further escalation.

Navigated Growth

EmPower HR’s employee care team was able to acknowledge all Hunt Club’s employees’ questions and concerns regarding Human Resources, onboarding, benefits, payroll, etc. This allows Hunt Club’s leaders to focus on what matters.

Ensured Payroll Compliance

EmPower HR’s payroll team seamlessly processed Hunt Club’s payroll in line with in-state and out-of-state compliance-related issues.
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The Results

The EmPower HR team did a deep dive into Hunt Club’s internal HR processes and found multiple areas that needed to be improved. HR policies either weren’t in place or weren’t consistent, which was a potential compliance risk. Plus, benefits and payroll were being handled internally, which created unnecessary work for higher-ups and confusion for out-of-state employees. A PTO tracking system, benefits administration, and payroll compliance overhaul saved the Hunt Club time and money. The EmPower HR team eliminated another compliance risk by updating the employee handbook, which lacked professionalism and key compliance-related sections. With EmPower HR’s expert support, Hunt Club was able to enhance the organization, setting them up to grow the business and increase revenue.
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HR Strategies Driving Business Growth

Since partnering with EmPower HR, Hunt Club’s leaders were able to focus on scaling the business. By having the time to focus on the business, the company was able to achieve remarkable growth. Without adding the necessary infrastructure that EmPower HR has provided, Hunt Club would have faced significant compliance and efficiency challenges.

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