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How Unifying HR Structures Ensured A Smooth Merger For Infinite Care

A US-based private equity firm, which invests in middle market opportunities, acquired the largest Infinite Care chain located in Denver, Colorado. When the company came to EmPower HR, they had six clinics that provided family medicine, urgent care, and occupational therapy. Their workforce was made up of 150 employees and the corporate office support team had 25 employees. Infinite Care came to Empower HR when they recognized their ​​Chief Operating Officer was wearing too many hats and was inundated with human resources and employment-related tasks. That was a problem. The COO needed time back in the day to drive business growth. Infinite Care’s goals were to triple in size (to 15-20 clinics) and become a destination workplace able to attract and retain the best talent.
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Healthcare / Rehabilitation


175 Employees


Denver, CO
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The Denver chain and the private equity firm faced challenges during the acquisition. When it came to payroll administration, the firm did not have the proper level of HR-related services required for the company’s size. The two companies realized during their merger that they needed to establish processes, stay compliant, and attract the necessary talent to expand the business and achieve their goals.


After analyzing the acquisition hiccups, we proposed clarifying their current practices and creating a simple, more effective process. As they planned for growth, it was essential for us to make sure they were set up for success. We were their go-to HR consultant to ensure compliance and efficiency. To improve their HR practices, we:
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Established Processes

The Denver chain had a spider-web of vendors for payroll, benefits administration, and commercial insurance. Each had different contacts and systems. Confusing processes made even simple transactions seem complicated.

Partnering with EmPower HR enabled the Denver chain with one point of contact for HR, payroll, and benefits administration along with access to our first-class cloud-based platform creating a simple, efficient system.

Ensured Employer Compliance

Due to their lack of compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we dove deeper to make sure compliance in every area was met. As EmPower HR contractually shares in the employment liability, we have provided HR infrastructure for the Denver chain that has ensured employer compliance in accordance with all Department of Labor requirements, such as FLSA, ACA, OSHA, etc.

EmPower HR Consulting Services

During this acquisition, our consultants were able to remedy prior issues. The EmPower HR Service Delivery Team in conjunction with the Senior HR Consultant laid the proper HR foundation and strategy for the 200 employee company to be set up for success moving forward.

The Results

As the two companies – Infinite Care and the parent private equity firm – were coming together, they needed to merge their HR processes to fully support both companies cohesively. First, we needed to establish which company was handling what when it came to HR services. Then, we focused on compliance since they were not in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We also understood their goal of growth and recognized their need to attract top talent in order to triple in size. Through these initiatives, HR processes have harmoniously unified. Creating a streamlined process while ensuring compliance and planning for growth helped prepare the Denver chain to achieve its goal to continuously expand.
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Creating A Strong HR Foundation

In order to grow, there must be a strong foundation in place. For Infinite Care, we made sure any road bumps were smoothed out in order for this acquisition to come together.

We understood Infinite Care’s growth goals and the need to meet compliance requirements and establish efficient processes.

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