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How An Engagement Strategy Supercharged Productivity For Shamrock Electric Company

Shamrock Electric Company is a full-service electrical contracting firm committed to serving the neighborhoods of Chicago. They came to EmPower HR with a need to professionalize their overall HR functions through strategic initiatives that provide their employees with the best working experience possible.
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Electrical Contractors


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Chicago, IL
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Shamrock Electric Co. needed support in all foundational HR areas including building a brand-new employee handbook, creating a performance management process focused on employee development that fits their culture and people, and implementing a full employee engagement strategy. The client was looking for ways to improve their overall performance management process without it feeling too “old school” or rigid. Their main goal was to improve overall employee satisfaction and retain their best employees. Employee development and job satisfaction were the top priority.


The strategy was built through anonymous engagement surveys, focus groups, and stay interviews to better address the needs of their employees with an emphasis on employee satisfaction and retention.

Since the project began, we have accomplished several significant HR initiatives that have improved the overall HR health of the business with the main goal being to improve overall employee satisfaction. Our strategy included a:

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Brand-New Employee Handbook

Our first initiative was building an employee handbook from the ground up. Using EmPower HR’s compliant base employee handbook and multiple client documents, we created a single manual centralizing their policies in one easy-to-read document.

Performance Management

We led Shamrock Electric Co. to become a choice employer by revamping their perks and benefits, communication, and professional development of employees. Following a survey to gauge employee engagement, we reviewed the results to help identify the current strengths and areas of opportunity for the business to focus on.

Employee Engagement Strategy

EmPower HR supported the business in executing an anonymous employee engagement survey to better understand the level of engagement of their employees. We consulted the business in reviewing their overall strategy and updated the tools they use to evaluate employee performance.

The Results

Through these initiatives, HR processes for the Purple Rose Theatre Company were streamlined.

Through these initiatives, we have been able to help them move the needle on these key HR areas in the employee life cycle in support of their mission to provide high-quality services to their long-term partners and customers. Through consultation and guidance, the EmPower HR team helped the client develop a full action plan to address the results of a company-wide job satisfaction survey. This included communication plans, focus groups, and other key deliverables including timelines for action. By training their current and future leaders on how to have effective coaching conversations with their employees, we were able to initiate strategies to increase employee engagement and retention.
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Streamlined Success With HR Strategies

Shamrock Electric Co. came to EmPower HR with two main goals: to increase employee job satisfaction and retain their top talent. The EmPower HR team helped create a new employee handbook that helped to lay out company goals so employees could be engaged in the company’s vision.

An employee satisfaction survey helped the client see the need to implement employee training and development programs. These efforts to train their employees into future leaders and give them the necessary tools to grow helped to achieve better job satisfaction.

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