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Marketing team relationships with HR

HR Challenges For Marketing Firms

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There are many functional components that are crucial to the success of your marketing agency. Sometimes, it can become overwhelming to maintain every single one of them thoroughly. This is why a good working relationship between marketing and human resources is important.

The workplace setting is changing faster than anyone could have ever anticipated. The Great Resignation is a call for business owners and management to open their eyes to the importance of an HR department. HR for marketing agencies is vital for keeping your talent from resigning.

Common HR Challenges that Marketing Agencies Face

HR challenges are standard for any company, regardless of the industry. If you’ve been struggling, you’re not alone. HR managers worldwide face unprecedented difficulties, and you’ll probably identify well with one or two from this list.

Remote Work

HR leaders are paving the way for remote work. Not only has working remotely become generally unavoidable, but potential and current employees expect the option, especially in a forward thinking industry like marketing and advertising.

As the weight of the Covid-19 pandemic began to taper off and the world launched a global reopening, many businesses planned on returning to the office. Instead, it became undeniably clear that hybrid and remote work models are here to stay.

With that said, HR teams must change how they maintain productivity and manage human capital. Interpersonal communication is a cornerstone of every office environment, regardless of where employees work and live.

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Whether you use an in-house team or utilize outsourced HR for marketing agencies, one of the main focuses for the next year should be diversity, equity, and inclusion, also referred to as DEI. Creating an inclusive working environment lessens HR managers’ external and internal pressure to focus on DEI.

It also widens the talent pool to include remote workers from around the globe. Organizations across every industry strive to raise internal awareness of DEI-related problems within their company. Once you’ve identified the issues, you can begin to mend them.

Tackling Change Management

Massive organizational changes come with moving any company to a hybrid or remote working model. Managing these changes effectively, preventing staff from becoming fatigued, is one of the most significant HR issues that many businesses are facing right now.

Expecting behavioral changes from employees while failing to model said behavioral changes through management can be catastrophic. If your transformation isn’t working, prioritizing change management can lessen burnout and exhaustion in employees due to consistent changes.

Locating Talent During A Shortage

It’s no secret that there is currently a shortage of talent, primarily due to the effects of the Great Resignation. Companies globally struggle to find quality, reliable talent to fill gaping staffing holes.

HR teams should develop methods of effectively evaluating potential employees, including remote interviews and amplified skill tests. The goal is to speed up the hiring process while filling positions with employees that bring talent and innovation to the table.

Identifying Necessary Skills To Move Forward

HR is so much more than communication between management and employees. Moving forward, HR departments should begin to identify current employees’ skills to move forward, thereby creating new training programs that target those needs.

It’s a huge challenge to determine which working skills will be necessary for the short and long-term future. Rapid technological advancements regularly change necessary job skill sets. However, it’s entirely possible to make predictions based on the past while leaving current training programs open to change when needed.

Nurturing A Healthy Work Environment

Above all, HR teams should focus on nurturing the healthiest work environment possible. A competitive salary and positive work experience are the two most important things to employees right now. These aspects require a companies’ ability to adapt to remote work and focus on employees’ physical and psychological health.

Though many companies operate on a remote model, workplace safety is still important to those who come to work every day. In a remote model, workplace safety could look like COVID-19 protocols and employer-provided methods of managing stress and burnout.

The bottom line? Employees want to know they can rely on you, and most potential workers have had it with businesses that deem them easily replaceable. Address individual concerns and create an environment that prioritizes mental and emotional health.

Handling HR Challenges With Ease

Effectively handling the HR challenges that come your way is a lot easier with preparation. When your human resources team is on the same page, they’ll help your organization cultivate a productive, inclusive, happy, diverse working environment.

A great HR team harbors stronger onboarding processes, fewer compliance issues, plenty of diversity, and improved employee retention. There are always ways to battle the HR challenges that come your way.

Remember, access to HR anytime and anywhere is vital to current working models and helps save time and energy for everyone. Outsourcing your HR department is a highly effective way to make that happen.