Managing And Maneuvering In Times Of Uncertainty

Author: Jennifer Drohan

Managing And Maneuvering In Times Of Uncertainty

Small and mid-sized businesses come with their own distinct challenges: attracting talent, engagement and training, awareness of government regulations, cash flow and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic added an entirely new set of issues to deal with, like keeping employees safe and businesses solvent. Now, more than ever, employers need to be nimble and proactive, along with empathetic, optimistic and strategic.

Learn some key tactics to keep your business going now, from Nick Fedele, Chief Financial Officer of Excite Automotive.

Jennifer Guzman, Vice President of Client Experiences for EmPower HR, talks with Fedele about the balancing act that’s involved in business now, and why investing in your workforce is still the most important financial challenge and opportunity you have.

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