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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage compliance in multiple states?

Staying in regulatory compliance and treating employees consistently is good risk management for employers. Continuing to do so as the organization grows and operates across multiple states, however, can present many challenges. Throw in federal, state, and local laws around COVID-19 and these challenges are magnified. EmPower HR offers federal and state specific legislation guidance and best practice information benefiting all business sizes, from small to large. This guidance can help you handle current issues and to better understand how to prepare for future issues. Through a partnership with EmPower HR you would have access to experienced HR business partners to help navigate your people risk management issues.

How do I know if I have the most competitive benefit packages to attract the right talent?

According to a recent Society for Human Resource Management’s survey, companies using benefits as a tool for recruiting and retaining talent reported better overall company performance and above-average effectiveness in recruitment and retention, compared with companies that do not. EmPower HR can offer competitive benefits packages putting your company in the best position to attract the best talent.

How do I retain my best talent?

One of the most critical issues facing organizations today is how to retain the employees they want to keep. Businesses are finding it more and more difficult to wade through mounds of resumes and many have lost focus on keeping their top performers engaged. EmPower HR works with businesses every day in helping them develop programs and processes to ensure their best talent is retained.

How do I onboard and orientate new employees in a virtual environment?

Hiring and onboarding new employees virtually is a new concept for most employers. Most organizations have transitioned to remote work in response to the coronavirus pandemic, making virtual onboarding of new employees a necessity. Providing a superb onboarding experience virtually can be a challenge for employers doing it for the first time. EmPower HR brings the resources and experience of remote onboarding and can make sure your business is more than equipped to do the same.

How do I keep employees engaged in a remote workforce?

The benefits of telework brings new challenges for employers. A remote working arrangement may seem exciting at first, but can lose its appeal over time, resulting in disengaged employees. When employees are not engaged their productivity and engagement can suffer. EmPower HR can help employers facilitate flexible work arrangements and develop work policies to meet their needs for secure, productive ways to get work done and maintain business continuity.

How do I know if Outsourcing HR makes sense for my business?

As your business grows, you will need a solution and people to take care of the “back office” operations of the company. At many companies this person can be the Office Manager, responsible for keeping the office moving, coordinating interviews, enrolling people in healthcare, sending offer letters and much more. In other cases, the finance executive or the business owner may be in charge of HR tasks. The challenge with that approach is that it is incredibly multifaceted and time consuming. It can be hard to find all those skills and capacity in one person and you might find yourself beefing up your “back office” with multiple people to get everything done. Outsourcing a vital component to your company can be frightening. At EmPower HR we seek to be an extension of your team. We want to understand what matters the most to you and provide support aligned with your desired business outcomes. EmPower HR offers all the talent needed to professionalize your back office. We’re better, faster and more cost effective than doing it on your own.

How do I minimize risks to my business?

By constantly identifying, prioritizing, managing and responding to multiple risks, companies can ensure their future. A solid risk management approach also helps companies safeguard the wellbeing of their people, clients and other stakeholders. It’s therefore key to have the right organization, people and processes in place. EmPower HR will help your business minimize the risks so your company can thrive, in even the most difficult times.

How do I "rightsize" my business and remain sustainable?

Many organizations got through the last six months with PPP loans and cash reserves, but are now being faced with the reality of having to cut expenses to match new revenue levels. Many have never done it. EmPower HR can help answer questions around how to “rightsize” your business.

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