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See our presentation recap to learn more about these hot topics with tips to enhance your business:

  • Top pre quitting behaviors
  • Employee engagement best practices
  • Generational retention tactics
  • Workplace analysis and steps to retain employees
“What have you put in place to get a pulse from your employees on what matters to them?”

A Positive Employee Experience = Retention

Kathy Kruse and Jared Gibson, from the EmPower HR team presented in the CAS breakout on Recruitment, Retention and the Great “Reshuffle.” In case you’re looking for a recap or you missed the presentation, we wanted to make sure that everyone had access to the presentation. Plus, be sure to check out the “Who’s sinking your boat?” video.
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5 Key

  • Identify Flight Risks and take immediate steps to re-engage these employees.
  • Understand which employees might be sinking your boat.
  • Focus on what you already have in place to keep your teams engaged and look for ways to implement new engagement strategies.
  • Know how you stack up against competition.
  • Candidates are interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them.

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