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About Jeanette

Jeanette has been part of the Common Sail family since 2007, working across multiple businesses. Currently, she is in the Michigan market, focused on growth for EmPower HR. With her experience in operations and having been a customer of EmPower HR, she is uniquely positioned to consult with business owners on improving operational efficiencies to align with the organization’s goals. She is an avid reader, plays tennis and golf and must talk to every dog she passes – “Who’s a good boy?”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your new-employee onboarding process look like?

Your personal employee experience team member will welcome you to our organization, explain the process and outline expectations. They’ll help you craft communication to your employees with all of the relevant details, including forms such as the I-9 and W-4. They’ll also secure employee signatures and records. Your personal team member will also be available to all of your staff, should they have any questions or wish to meet. We believe this white-glove onboarding process builds an authentic connection and trust between you and your staff and EmPower HR.

What will my service team look like?

Your dedicated team will answer all HR, payroll and benefits questions through our manager and employee support portal. Every interaction is recorded and tracked in order to share insights into your employees’ concerns. Also available to you are:

  • A payroll/technology lead to audit each payroll prior to processing
  • An HR business partner for compliance, employee relations and strategic guidance
  • Client experience lead to ensure white-glove service

How do you support private equity?

Private equity (PE) turns to EmPower HR in three scenarios:

  • Corporate carve-outs. We can provide the infrastructure to keep the business moving so the new organization can focus on getting off the ground successfully.
  • Roll-ups. EmPower HR’s business-integration playbook provides the foundation for organizational growth, tapping our experience in onboarding newly acquired organizations’ employees, including due diligence prior to the purchase and post-sale consolidation and streamlining.
  • Platform for growth. When a family business sells to PE, EmPower HR establishes the infrastructure, creating processes and providing HR and back-office support. If the business is later sold to a strategic buyer, our fees become an add-back to the EBITDA and increase the profitability by multiple of the sale.

What does the benefit renewal process look like?

Our master plan facilitates benefits renewal, providing an advantage to small employers by accessing a large-group medical plan, specifically by eliminating the age-banded rates and the volatility of potentially high increases. If you wish to look at medical plan carriers outside of the Master Plan, we will happily facilitate so you don’t have to change your payroll provider in order to make a medical plan change. At EmPower HR, we partner with you for long-term success.


Vistage, ACG, Walnut Creek Country Club, RSM Alliance

Jeanette is extremely passionate about client service. To the extent that she often becomes good friends with her clients. When people ask her why those relationships are important, her response is pretty simple - “It’s because we don’t let our friends down.”

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