We’re Just Like You.
We Work, We Play
And We’re Passionate About What We Do.

By day, we’re knocking out your payroll, keeping you compliant and answering the administrative call. By night, we’re dropping the kids off at soccer practice, watching our favorite team play or going for a run. Let us handle your HR and cover your blind spots so that you can relax and focus on your business, family or that Zumba class at 6 p.m.

Laura Poliak
Stefanie White
Anita Ervin
Janetsi Rosa
Paul Martin
Barb Maglio
Erin Taylor
Eyad Salem
Brooke Marshall
Aleksa Janusas
Erin Woolley
Jennifer Drohan
Alina Sivetz
Allison Wrobel
Brittney Ross
Jeraline Rodriguez
Ashley Gerstein
Dean Lampe
Jessica Brawn
Jaymie Knowlton
Alex Reis
Emily Stelpflug
Christine Cooksy
Nalimary Alfonso
Dan Bradach
Donovan Arndt
Jennifer Fadrowski
Nissa Cook
Ryan Smith
Maddie Poullette
Carrie Johnson
April McCaskill
Jared Gibson

Like People?
Then, You’ll Really Like Being On Our Team!

If you genuinely enjoy doing things for others—clients and teammates alike—then you’ll love working here. Yes, we have a stack of awards for being one of the coolest workplaces around, but it’s because our people make the difference.

Meet Our Best & Brightest

Nalimary Alfonso Nalimary Alfonso
Jeanette Anderson Jeanette Anderson

Jeanette Anderson

Partner View profile

Donovan Arndt Donovan Arndt
Erin Becker Erin Becker
Dan Bradach Dan Bradach
Jessica Brawn Jessica Brawn
Scott Carter Scott Carter
Dan Catanese Dan Catanese

Dan Catanese

Business Consultant View profile

Leigh Chaffin Leigh Chaffin
Nissa Cook Nissa Cook
Christine Cooksy Christine Cooksy
Josh Czapiewski Josh Czapiewski
Jennifer Drohan Jennifer Drohan
Anita Ervin Anita Ervin
Jennifer Fadrowski Jennifer Fadrowski
Nichole Filippelli Nichole Filippelli
Jaclyn Gabel Jaclyn Gabel
Sue Galewski Sue Galewski
Wanda Garcia Wanda Garcia
Ashley Gerstein Ashley Gerstein
Jared Gibson Jared Gibson
Jennifer Guzman Jennifer Guzman

Jennifer Guzman

Vice President of Client Experience View profile

Jenn Harmon Jenn Harmon
Rosa Hernandez Rosa Hernandez
Molly Hobstetter Molly Hobstetter
Andy Hulett Andy Hulett

Andy Hulett

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Jeffrey Inge Jeffrey Inge
Aleksa Janusas Aleksa Janusas
Carrie Johnson Carrie Johnson
Brent King Brent King

Brent King

Director of Client Experience View profile

Jaymie Knowlton Jaymie Knowlton
Dean Lampe Dean Lampe
Ashlee Lunce Ashlee Lunce
Barb Maglio Barb Maglio
Brooke Marshall Brooke Marshall
Paul Martin Paul Martin
April McCaskill April McCaskill
Renee Miller Renee Miller
Conor Moon Conor Moon
Danielle Mutchie Danielle Mutchie
Jackie Nelson Jackie Nelson
Melissa Papenthien Melissa Papenthien
Carmen Perez Carmen Perez
Laura Poliak Laura Poliak

Laura Poliak

Client Experience Director View profile

Maddie Poullette Maddie Poullette
Stefanie Ratliff Stefanie Ratliff
Alex Reis Alex Reis
Jeraline Rodriguez Jeraline Rodriguez
Colleen Rogers Colleen Rogers
Janetsi Rosa Janetsi Rosa
Brittney Ross Brittney Ross
Eyad Salem Eyad Salem
Marie Schlaupitz Marie Schlaupitz
Amy Seavitt Amy Seavitt
Beth Sebo Beth Sebo
Alina Sivetz Alina Sivetz
Ryan Smith Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Ryan Smith
Nick Stark Nick Stark

Nick Stark

Business Consultant View profile

Emily Stelpflug Emily Stelpflug
Liliana Stoia Liliana Stoia
Cindy Stout Cindy Stout
Shelby Strohl Shelby Strohl
Lisa Studer Lisa Studer

Lisa Studer

Business Consultant View profile

Chase Sult Chase Sult
Erin Taylor Erin Taylor
Alex Vant Hoff Alex Vant Hoff
Andres Villanueva Andres Villanueva
Stefanie White Stefanie White
Julie Williams Julie Williams
Erin Woolley Erin Woolley
Allison Wrobel Allison Wrobel
Joe Yang Joe Yang
Jessica Young Jessica Young

This Is No Fix-Up
We ARE Your Perfect Match

When you need the perfect match for your HR needs, our team of experts is ready to provide a suite of full service solutions. Go all in with us as your outsourced HR partner! We promise that you won’t regret it.