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How An Organized Approach To Job Posting
Saved A|L Media $15,000

A|L Media wanted to hire a digital buyer for their growing company ahead of the upcoming election cycle. The digital buyer needed to have experience in multi-channel digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and YouTube). They also needed to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. In the past, A|L Media would post a job listing on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed (usually 2-5 sites). This approach resulted in a need to monitor and manage the multiple locations of the incoming applicants (the email inbox listed on the job posting and the individual platforms themselves). Often, the same candidate was reviewed by more than one person. There were hundreds of applications coming in, and most were not qualified. They didn’t have an efficient or cost-effective approach to recruiting.
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Our first step was to meet with the team at A|L Media. We discussed the job and salary range and finalized the following:

Our recruiting team created a job ad campaign and posted it on Werkberry, our AI driven, recruitment marketing platform. Twenty-seven candidates applied for the job. Four of the candidates met initial screening qualifications and were interviewed by our team.

After the interview, the recruiting team wrote up highlights from the conversation, indicated if the candidate met the key required skills and traits, and discussed the candidates with A|L Media.

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The Results

A|L Media chose to interview one of the candidates — who was hired and started work shortly after.

From start to finish, the whole process took less than one month. As a result of the fast and efficient recruitment efforts, A|L Media hired EmPower HR to recruit for 3-4 additional digital buyers.
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Costs Associated With The Job

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