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HR Processes Take Center Stage For Purple Rose Theatre Company,

Maximizing Growth

The Purple Rose Theatre Company is a professional theatre company that produces new and classic American plays that are nothing less than one-of-a-kind experiences.

The Purple Rose Theatre came to EmPower HR because it needed to enhance its overall HR functions through foundational and strategic initiatives. Their ultimate goal was to provide their employees with the best possible working experience.

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Chelsea, MI
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The Purple Rose Theatre Company was experiencing growing pains. At the time, there was no HR framework in place to streamline compliance regulations for new hires and, without a defined company mission, current employees weren’t clear on the company’s values and growth trajectory. They recognized that they needed help attracting and retaining talent.

We saw the areas that needed to be improved within the employee lifecycle. First, we noticed that compliance requirements weren’t being met. The employee handbook and other processes needed to be updated. The hiring process also needed to be revamped. Purple Rose’s onboarding processes were inconsistent and needed a robust orientation program to retain new hires. Lastly, we saw a need for a clear growth path and to engage current employees in their roles.


After analyzing the company’s HR practices, we proposed creating a more robust orientation program and creating core values to better build the company culture. Since our partnership began in October 2021, we’ve accomplished several significant HR initiatives that improved the overall HR health of the business. To ensure success, we:

A Defined Mission and Vision

To help bring the brilliant culture of The Purple Rose Theatre to life, EmPower HR facilitated the creation of the theater’s core values. We worked with leadership to brainstorm and pinpoint core value ideas that would fully align with the company’s culture.

Compliance Overhaul

Our first initiative was reviewing and revising the employee handbook to ensure all relevant best practice policies and procedures were included and that the theater was compliant in regard to state and federal laws. The EmPower HR team provided onsite support by facilitating both I-9 and personnel file audits for the theater.

A Revamped Onboarding Process

We created an Onboard Standard Operation Procedure for The Purple Rose Theatre to reference and use for future hires that clearly outlined the process from start to finish. Our EmPower HR team created a training expectations document to be given to new hires and a 60-day feedback survey to keep a pulse on the new hires’ onboarding experience.
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The Results

Through these initiatives, HR processes for the Purple Rose Theatre Company were streamlined.

From start to finish, the whole process took less than one month. As a result of the fast and efficient recruitment efforts, A|L Media hired EmPower HR to recruit for 3-4 additional digital buyers.
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A Clear Path For Growth

From day one, The Purple Rose Theatre Company had an HR partner to assist in their most important HR needs: compliance, onboarding, and workplace culture. The EmPower HR team outlined a clear compliance and onboarding process to help facilitate growth as the team expands.

EmPower HR worked with leadership on the rollout and implementation of the theatre’s core values, and the sustainment of applying those values to the everyday experience of their employees. The result was a positive work environment that sets the theatre apart and drives employee happiness and productivity.

HR That Puts People First

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