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Smart, Trusty Sidekicks When You Need Kick A** HR​

With EmPower HR, we’ll take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of being an employer, so you can get to the reason you’re in business.
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Proudly Serving 400+ Businesses

Helping You Get To The Work Others Are Counting On

The work you do impacts many people. We can take HR responsibilities off your plate so you have time to raise funds, focus on good causes and take care of those in need.

"Our budgets are tight so we have to be judicious about how we use our resources.
This investment allows us to spend more time fundraising and providing resources to people."

- Simone

Southfield, MI

Your Choice:
Fractional or All-In

Everyone wants a sure thing when they invest, whether it’s in the market or with people. EmPower HR can help you focus on the bottom line for clients, resulting in a windfall for all.

"One of the best investments we made was EmPower HR. Our partnership helps strengthen our internal HR infrasctructure and professionalize the back office of our portfolio companies."

- Evelyn

Madison, WI

Finally, Agile Development Meets Agile HR

Just like developer language, we know that not everyone speaks fluent HR. We’ll take those things off your plate, so you can focus on that next technological innovation.

"Our company had an ambitious development calendar. Had we not engaged EmPower HR to take on the HR duties for us, we might not have hit our deadlines."

- Christopher

Seattle, Washington

Get More Of Your Day Back

Administrative responsibilities can tax any business, we can help you free up time so that you can focus on the work you need to deliver what matter to your clients.

"We're busy from January through April every year. Knowing we have someone taking care of the details of HR helps us in ways we cant even count!"

- Stefanie

Columbus, OH

It's Almost Like "STAT" HR - When You Need It

As your HR partner, we focus on getting your team the right assistance to meet their daily needs, so that you have more time to dedicate to keeping your patients healthy.

"We have to be there for others, so it's great to know we have a partner who's there for us. We no longer worry about these responsibilities because we know they're in good hands."

- Catherine

Chicago, IL

A 5-Star Menu Customized Just For You

Every good restauranteur wants their customers to have a 5-Star experience. We work with you to ensure your employees are happy and well trained, so they can provide the absolute best service.

"Reducing turnover and keeping highly skilled staff are important to us. We like guests to see the same faces. We get that experience with EmPower HR - We see the same faces; we know who to call."

- Mark

Milwaukee, WI

Customized Solutions

With a superset of tools, talent and expertise…we’re a passionate group of HR problem solvers.

Every Superhero
Needs A Sidekick

We’ll be right by your side to make sure you win the day. Every day.

Relentless Accountability
It’s Our Thing

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we do what we say we’ll do. Every time. That’s what we’re about.

Turning Pain Points
Into Gain Points

Tell us what you need or ask how we can help. We specialize in solving problems by customizing solutions just for you.

No Robots
Just Real(ly awesome)

When you work with EmPower HR, you work with a true partner – not just a provider, and never a robot.

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“When we say we’ll go the distance for our partners we really mean it.”

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Delivering What Matters Most

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