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How Outsourcing Can Help You Recruit & Onboard Effectively

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Riddle of the day: What are the two areas of HR that affect retention and turnover plus, has had a lot of buzz recently? Any guesses? It’s hiring and onboarding!

Strong first impressions are everything given the Great Resignation as organizations continue to battle in the talent war. How to recruit employees in these times continues to be a point of frustration for many hiring managers, especially those in the service industry.

If there is the impression of being an unserious business with disorganized or shabby onboarding practices, word will get out fast and candidates won’t be applying to your job posts. Hiring employees in a quick and effective way is of the utmost importance in today’s market.

Even with a signed offer letter, new hires can change their minds just because they had a bad onboarding experience. According to Careerbuilder and Silkroad Technology, 1 in 10 have left a company because of a poor onboarding experience.

The importance of these two critical functions cannot be stressed enough, and it won’t be seen as unreasonable if you invested more time, energy, and resources into getting these processes right and functioning at their best. This is where outsourcing comes in handy and can be your best friend.

In today’s market, how to recruit employees is everything — so ensuring you have the correct support in providing a world-class experience for your new and potential talent is vital to your business, operations, and most importantly, your employer brand.

Keen to learn more? Here’s a breakdown of how HR outsourcing partners can help you more effectively recruit and onboard employees:

Save Time & Money On The Hiring Process

Want to know how to recruit employees without spending a lot? HR outsourcing. Outsourcing the hiring and employee onboarding framework avoids the need to spend valuable time and resources on in-house staff. Outsourcing allows your employees to focus on more value-adding tasks that generate revenue and focus on customer acquisition.

In addition, hiring and training an onboarding specialist can take time, and with the market as hot as it is, no one has time to sit on their hands and wait.

It makes financial sense to outsource so that your business is primed to move at lightning speed in this highly competitive market. Especially when volume hiring is at play, onboarding can quickly start to take a toll on in-house employees, leading to lousy output and sloppy mistakes. An HR outsourcing provider can streamline these processes, making them accessible and creating positive experiences for your new talent.

Create A Consistent Experience For New Hires

Regardless of how you recruit employees and the methods you use in your business, most of your new hires will require the same training and onboarding to ensure they have the right tools and competencies for their role.

This standardization goes for the hiring process as well. Outsourcing allows you to provide a clear and consistent approach for faster turnaround time while also allowing a speedier learning curve for your new hires in their role.

Outsourcing providers will ensure an excellent and well-organized candidate experience. At the same time, outsourcing providers will make new hires feel welcome and confident while going further to give them the knowledge and tools required to carry out their duties effectively. Engaging the services of an outsourcing partner will provide employees with the same onboarding experiences, regardless of their background, skill levels, or role. Don’t you wish everything in life could be this easy?

Reduce Employee Turnover

In this day and age of flighty employees, don’t underestimate the power of a straightforward, professional hiring and onboarding process. From having your desk set up with all your equipment to having scheduled days for training and job shadowing, the ease of the process communicates that you are prepared for their arrival, and you want to see them activated and ramped up in their role as quickly as possible so they can start making an impact.

How you recruit employees all comes down to a great employee onboarding experience reduces employee turnover, as new hires feel empowered and engaged by their positive introduction to the organization. Through this, employees feel they have direction, work purpose and belong in the workplace culture.

We’ve all had new job experiences where it felt like you were a ‘burden’ to your colleagues, and getting answers to anything was like pulling teeth? Or your manager was always in a meeting, and you never saw them until the end of the day – not a great feeling. By having knowledgeable specialists manage this process from top to tail, all key questions will be answered, all anxieties will be put at ease, and they will be a key member of the team in no time.

Ensures Your Business Is Applying Best Practices

Just when we think the world of hiring and onboarding can’t get any better, faster or more effective, here comes another tool or system literally kicking it up a notch. The customization and individuality for these processes are impressive as it’s tailored to suit your business’s culture and workforce.

Outsourcing providers ensure that all the best tools are being used for your workplace while also ensuring no slips in the processes that could lead to a wrong impression and reputation down the line. They pay attention to the fine details to ensure every step helps cultivate and nurture a great workplace culture. They’re like your insurance against costly mistakes and reassurance that your business will be able to apply best practices.

Even with its high importance, thinking about how to recruit employees and workforce planning can be a headache all on its own without having the hassle of creating a positive onboarding experience program for your new staff. Outsourcing is a fast, efficient, and easy solution that allows you to keep your eyes on the prize, your business, while ensuring you are creating a tell-worthy job experience for your potential and untapped talent pool. The return on investment will be seen almost immediately through your new staff’s increased engagement, retention, and job satisfaction for months to come.